R&S realizes that challenges can be multi-facet, few which require immediate attention and action and the others which require a holistic view to be taken before implementing anything. R&S offers you to choose from either engaging us on an Assignment, Task or Project basis and alternatively, can also offer a long-term Contractual model, all along giving you a mix of services to benefit your Company.

We at R&S Enterprises focus in offering Strategic Marketing Services :

It's a model which handholds you and not just consults, being with you in every stage of execution. The process includes below steps :


Preliminary Assessment :

 Identification of pain areas

Phase 1 :

 Diagnostic Study

 Marketing Audit - (Management level - Top, Middle, Junior, Retail / Dealer and Customer)

 Assessment Report - Gap Analysis & Corrective Action Plan

Phase 2 :

 Implementation with set Budgets

 Branding & Promotions

 Sales Development

 Reviews and Course-Correction