Business Associate

R&S Enterprises : Opening doors for you to become our Business Associate!

Who are We?

  •  We offer Strategic Marketing Services for SMEs.
  •  Our Services encompass Strategy formation, Marketing & Sales model establishment, Design & Content support, Promotions across conventional and Digital tools, Website making, Software Development, to even Export Marketing.
  •  Corporate expertise and offering services across industries from FMCG, Health-care, Publishing, Printing, Hospitality to BFSI and many more.
  •  Proven techniques & processes to help SMEs grow their business.

What will be your role?

  •  Generate leads for us
  •  Talk to your existing clients and extend your engagement
  •  Refer your contacts to us
  •  Explain our services

How much will you earn?

  •  25% on our Invoice value

What support will you get from us?

  •  Training on our business model
  •  Training on how to approach a client, Presentations to be made, Questions to ask to trigger interest etc. – Complete process from prospecting to closing a deal
  •  SMS, Whatsapp, Email marketing to your clients
  •  Free consultation over the phone to your potential client which you are confident of conversion.